Global Forex Trading Launches DealBook Web

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During the scope of this GFT Forex review, we were impressed with the company's DealBook 360, a 20 MB-plus downloadable trading engine that powers the company's demo, mini and standard accounts. The standard account is the full-featured crown jewel of the line; as its name suggests, the mini account is less robust. There is also a scaled-back, Web-based version (DealBook Web) and a Pocket PC ... GFT is a global forex broker that recently took the decision to withdraw from the Japanese and U.S. retails forex market, and is now operating out of Singapore, London and Sydney. The one thing that you will notice when you go to the broker's website is that it is pretty scarce in terms of information – the home page won't tell you even basic things such as what's the maximum leverage offered. Handel mit Binary Option Moers (North Rhine-Westphalia) Gft forex dealbook web + Metatrader 4, DealBook: Broker type: Regulation: FSA , NFA, CFTC, DGCX, DMCC, ASIC, MAS: Foundation: 1997: GFT Forex — Latest Reviews and Comments 2020 . I completely agree with the previous comment. Spreads are tight and trader has access to wide range of markets. What I don't like is you should pay for this kind of quality much higher price. All commissions, transaction fees etc are above ... GFT - Forex Broker Details. Organizational Information: Corporate Name: Global Futures Forex, Ltd. Company Inception Date: 1997 Date First Offered Forex Trading: 1997 Regulated by: NFA, CFTC Description: As a world-leading forex company that has received numerous awards for growth, technology and entrepreneurship, GFT truly is an innovative global foreign exchange provider. Since starting in ... GFT, a worldwide leader in online Forex an CFD trading, spread betting and CFD, now offers European traders the opportunity to trade FX options using the DealBook® trading platform.GFT's FX options offering allows traders to speculate on ten of our most popular currency pairs, seek profit in rising or falling markets, gauge the riskiness of a possible option while potentially protecting ... Wer lieber direkt über den Browser traden möchte, der kann alternativ auch das DealBook WEB nutzen. Immer mehr Trader möchten heutzutage die Gelegenheit haben, auf mobilem Wege zu handeln. Auch für diese Wünsche stellt der Broker GFT eine Handelsplattform bereit, nämlich das DealBook Mobile. Die brokereigenen Plattformen mit ihren zahlreichen Funktionen sind die eine Seite, auf der ... Navigation: Import > GFT Forex > DealBook web import: TradingDiary Pro supports import transactions from GFT Forex. There are two type of statements available for import: o The Customer Transaction Detailed Statement - this statement contains all transaction information except the Orders (Stop and Target) o The User Activity Log Statement - this statement contains information about the Orders ... So I was very pleased to see that GFT has finally gotten around to releasing a web-based trading platform, called DealBook Web. Though it did take them long enough, and in their introduction they explain why they waited to offer an online trading application: "You might be surprised that we waited so long to develop a web-based trading platform. But, the forex market moves fast, and we knew ... I know GFT sells the Foresight A.I. indicator. I never used it, but it looked useful when I followed their webinar on harmonic trading. Right now, I trade live with Dealbook, but I demo and practice on MT4 because of the much more developped users community and the 1001 tools and indicators that go with it. But GFT has a great product IMO.

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GFT DealBook® 360: Dashboard

Learn how navigate through trades and working orders on GFT Markets' award winning forex trading platform, DealBook® 360. Learn how to view the news feed on GFT Markets' award winning forex trading platform, DealBook® 360. Ready to learn the basics about how to trade FX Options at GFT Markets? We'll help you set up your screens, place trades and outline available strategies to trade on our DealBook® 360 trading ... Learn how to read, customise, study, and utilize charts on GFT Markets' award winning forex trading platform, DealBook® 360. Now you can trade forex wherever life takes you. Everything you need to get started using GFT Market's mobile app, DealBook® for iPad®. GFT Markets is a global leader in online forex trading. GFT Markets believes in making markets more approachable, offering knowledge, value, and services for... Learn how to use the dashboard featured on GFT Markets' award winning forex trading platform, DealBook® 360. Learn how to trade the forex market using DealBook® 360, our award winning trading platform that offers charting tools, live news feeds, analytics, and more to enhance your trading experience. Learn how to trade forex with no software to download or install. With DealBook® WEB, you can be trading in the time it takes to log in to your email. Everything you need to get started on DealBook®360, GFT Markets' award winning forex trading platform.